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This section is dedicated solely to individuals who wish to write a review for or for my work at the Huffington Post. Be it positive or negative, if you write me a review with a name to post (doesn’t have to be your real name), I’ll post it.

The Reviews Are In…

"Keep up the great work...very funny."
---Lisa Guerrero, "Inside Edition" correspondent and former Playboy cover girl.

"Liked your Huffington Post piece on Bill Donohue. I went a few rounds with him myself."
---Colm O'Gorman, former member of Irish Parliament, bestselling author and Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland.

"Thank you Scott for having the guts to say what so many victims, supporters and their family members have felt and thought. You are so appreciated."
---Judy Jones, Associate Director of The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

"This article was hilarious! I was having a crappy day, but this helped out a lot. I've got to send this to friends and family."
---Jackie Synder
, Huffington Post user.

"Caustic and dark as it is, this is hilarious. Jonathan Swift applauds you from the grave, sir." ---TheMightyMidget, Huffington Post user.

"I really wish I could do this [debate] again with some internet 'author'...but the world cup is on."
Huffington Post user.

"Thanks for the inspiration...[because of you] the Tea Party will have a new member."
Huffington Post user (Offending someone with my writing so much they decide to join a political movement? Perhaps my proudest moment yet.)

"Bravo. Fanned, and if you're single I've got a daughter. I want SMART grandchilden." After informing her I have a girlfriend, she continued, "Well damn. What a shame. I can buy cute outfits for ugly grandchildren. It's hard to smarten up dumb ones."
---momcat54, Huffington Post user.