Loyal Lemmings I Exploit

This is the most depressing part of pantslessponderings.com if you ask me, mainly because it doesn’t contain enough of me, the Pantsless Ponderer. The fact of the matter is my time is valuable and I can’t be everywhere at once. I know because I’ve tried – apparently being omniscient isn’t one of my super powers. Anyway, I’ve devised a way for you to get a bit more of me without my being present: read the blogs of people who are kind of like me and whom I tolerate. In alphabetical order, of course!

People Worthy Of My Time


An Australian zombie aficionado staying ever-vigilant in his quest to keep the masses at the ready for an outbreak. Though scientists have yet to confirm this theory, I know it to be true: Barnesm is one of the coolest bastards on the planet. My summary of his brilliance cannot match his own:

“By day I am paid as an agent of the government. I have a wife who toils in a never ending conflict against ignorance, despair & destruction, usually mine. We have a son, nine years old who I wanted to name 'the weapon against society' thou wiser heads prevailed. Together we dwell on the outskirts of Melbourne - waiting, watching, prepared.”
Dirk Flinthart

An American living in Australia, Mr. Dirk Flinthart is himself a published author and family man. Though a great writer, he also hails originally from Ohio. That’s strike one.

Fritz The Bootlegger

An Atlanta-based businessman little is known about other than his German heritage, vast knowledge of beers, and the fact soccer matches turn him on. Debating the man is fun but I don’t pester him too much – his being a Chicago Bears fan is punishment enough.

Heidi Germanaus

Another writer residing in Atlanta, Mrs. Germanaus came to my attention after stumbling upon a post at my old blogging grounds. My army keeps growing.


Looking for skilled and amusing tales from the heart of Tennessee but don’t want Dolly Parton’s breasts blocking your computer monitor like pop-up ads? Intelliwench is your girl.

The Jabberwock Files

To keep his sanity while fighting his way through medical school, my best friend keeps a journal of his favorite utterings by his med school friends.


Perhaps the most talented man in the blogosphere, this writer is the modern day Renaissance man, having been a museum curator and also a Vietnam veteran. He held off the Tet Offensive with merely a paintbrush.


The sister of the Pantsless Ponderer, Jennicki is an aspiring writer who has won the affection of Australia despite not knowing the country to be a commonwealth.


The coolest mother in New Zealand. If my influence was as far-reaching as my ego I’d have her dating a member of the Flight of the Conchords. Oh, hell, she could nab them both.


One of the most gifted writers I know, my girlfriend is. This website wouldn’t exist without her help and infinite patience. Also, she lets me do stuff physical in nature.


A music guru living in Florida. If you want to hear good stuff, travel here.


An Australian that loves “The Simpsons.” Really, those are the only two things you need to know if you’re wondering whether or not he’s funny.

The. Best. Comedian. Ever.

Growing up I tore through comedies at an unhealthy level, constantly staying tuned into Comedy Central – even at its infancy – and buying every comedy movie and album I could get my greedy hands on. Below is the link to a hometown hero, fellow alum and best comedian in the United States.

Stephen Lynch